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When Should I See an Herbalist?

If you’re a customer without a cure in our healthcare rat race, you might want to explore seeing an herbalist!  Our current healthcare system has become something that resembles a pill dispensary chasing symptoms instead of exploring the underlying root cause.  Maybe you’re reading this right now and nodding your head because you’ve already visited your primary care physician and after leaving his/her office fifteen minutes later (physicians generally spend 7-11 minutes with each patient, so consider yourself lucky for receiving that extra time), with a bag of side-effect-producing pills.  Physicians today rarely take the time to discuss the details of a nutrition-based approach to helping the body heal naturally as well as restorative exercise options, although diet and exercise are sometimes mentioned as being beneficial to a healthy protocol.

Herbalism has been a way of medicine for thousands of years; our current healthcare system involving synthetic pharmaceuticals has only been in practice for about 100 years.  When you meet with an herbalist, they will spend 1-2 hours with you, understanding your symptoms, medical history, and working toward uncovering the root cause of your illness.  It is a holistic approach, encompassing every area of your health and lifestyle, addressing your health from a nutritional and healing perspective.  A plan of care is created that includes nutritional changes and additions, herbal remedies in multiple forms (tinctures, salves, herbal capsules, etc.).  An herbalist will know the best approach to healing specific to YOU.  Herbalism is not a cookie-cutter approach to healing.

Change is coming.  We are slowly moving toward a more natural approach to addressing our current healthcare crisis.  For a country that spends the most on healthcare, we are the sickest nation!

Here are some shocking facts about our current healthcare system that just might blow your mind!  (USA Today, 2017)

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  • Guess how much the United States spent on healthcare in 2015?  If you guessed $3.2 trillion, you’re absolutely correct.
  • Pharmaceutical drug costs have grown over the years, up to $325 billion in 2015.
  • “According to the Commonwealth Fund, the United States ranked last in a study of 11 developed nations when it comes to the performance of our healthcare system.”
  • The CDC admits that at least 30% of prescribed antibiotics are completely unnecessary!  That’s 47 million excess prescriptions each year that are causing severe side effects and not contributing to a cure.
  • Misdiagnosis likely because of lack of time with each patient happens up to 44% of the time.

It might be time to see an herbalist if:

  1. You’ve already been to your primary care physician and specialist(s) but you’re not better.
  2. You are currently taking multiple medications to manage your symptoms.
  3. You have a chronic illness such as autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, etc.
  4. You are willing to make lifestyle changes in order to get better.
  5. You are open-minded in believing in natural ways to heal.
  6. You are experiencing side effects with your medications.
  7. You are tired of being a regular customer in the standard healthcare system
  8. Your health is affecting your quality of life.
  9. You know that your current lifestyle might be contributing to your declining health
  10. You’ve been told that there is “no cure” to your illness
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