You Are More than YOU–Reincarnation, the spirit, soul, and energy

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Whatever your thoughts might be on reincarnation, past lives, life after death, we can agree on this one scientific fact–energy is not destroyed.  It continues as energy, perhaps in another form, but it is still present.

When you look in the mirror, you are seeing the collection of particles that create your physical being.  It is our human experience.  This is our current form.

But expand your mind for a minute beyond what we know as reality.  Look around and see things differently.  Imagine that we are balls of light inhabiting a space for a bit, taking on a form in order to learn a life lesson from a certain angle.

I look at trees and understand their spirit.  I see their quiet wisdom, follow their tangled roots gripping the earth and entwined with their neighbors, quietly holding hands.  Trees stand alone and communal.  They are learning how to be individuals and integral constituents of a vital community.  They don’t take more than they give. Trees, actually, are intuitive givers. When one tree in a forest is sick, the rest send it healing nutrients through an intricate underground system.  Trees are empaths and healers meditating in the sunlight, creating music from oxygen, shedding what no longer has purpose to make room for what does.  They are ancient accumulations of energy and wisdom.

Maybe trees once had a human experience.  I imagine a wanderlust loner who could never settle down might one day return as a tree to learn the lesson of standing  still, grounded in the earth.

I look at my cat, sometimes, and see beyond his cat exterior, into a deeper place where I believe his true essence lies.  I’ve felt his sense of humor before, his true personality above and beyond anything we might define as catlike.  Many times, he’s tapped my arm with his paw and looked deeply at me in a way beyond feline communication–one soul gazing at another–and he turned me into a believer.  Whether you believe there is a former human in the body of my cat or not is totally up to you!  Maybe think of it this way–it’s not human, it’s not cat, it’s not tree, it’s a spirit that now exists in this physical form for this space in time to learn a lesson about our complicated universe.

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My cat’s lesson, perhaps, is to take time to rest, learn how to communicate without words, find ways to keep a woman happy, the list goes on. . .He teaches me daily to trust in my instinct of spirits in all things merely existing in physical forms.  These bodies have expiration dates, but the spirit energy is eternal.

So, if we are energy rolling from one existence and form to another, who were we previously?  How many tours on earth have you completed?  I feel new in the human experience with much to learn but I’ve met and loved old souls before and believe now in all entirety that they have nearly mastered the human experience and are headed to something else in their next spirit transition.

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Maybe after the human experience, after we’ve learned all lessons, mastered all levels, we become guides helping others, invisible in space but ever-present to nudge lost souls in certain directions on their journeys.

If energy is neither created nor destroyed then we have never had a beginning or an end.  We have always been here and always will be here, changing like seasons into other forms.  Patterns in nature remind us of this.  Trees shedding their leaves and returning buds in spring; a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, a rock pushed slowly into grains of sand by repetitive waves.  Changes in form are evident in nature.

Our conscious mind has been constructed by society, school, billboards, TV, and our fluorinated water.  It exists behind walls that don’t allow us to think deeply enough to grasp what we don’t know or to chase our questions in our hunt for more meaning.  We are told not to question.  Just believe the construct.  But I believe in more. . .

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  1. You are an inspiration to me…learning new things that was not taught to me.. loving my new journey.. Keep teaching us!
    Much love, Felicia

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