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A Plant’s Purpose

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I’m sitting with my plants, and I’m listening.  I’m listening for not just noises they might make but intuitions my plants might be telling me.  Some research indicates that plants make sound, communicate, feel “emotions,” have thought processes.  According to Dr. Kim Johnson at the University of Melbourne, plants respond to stimuli similar to humans do.  A plant’s epidermis works much like ours.  It feels pain, the wind, our touch.

Jack Schultz, a professor in the division of Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri in Columbia, says that plants are like primitive animals.  They fight for territory, seek out food, evade predators, trap prey, and therefore, exhibit behavior.  They move with a purpose, which means they are aware of their environment.

What does my thyme have to say about me?  How does my rosemary feel about me constantly cuddling her to take in that heady scent?  Mr. Basil, my first patio plant friend, are you happy where you are?  And how can I make you happier?

My plants are medicinal herbs I throw in my cooking.  I use plants to heal, both myself and others.  I use them with intention and knowing, and I ask forgiveness of my herbs while also asking permission before I snag a sprig to dry and muddle or tincture into another form.

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But my thoughts about plant forgiveness and permission leads me to analyzing their intention.  They must know how powerful they truly are.  They must be aware of their healing powers.

Plants maintain the atmosphere.  They produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.  They maintain our ozone layer, which protects us from UV radiation.  Plants supply food to nearly every organism on Earth.  They move water from the soil through the atmosphere.  Plants are habitats for many organisms.  Many hold powerful healing properties.  Even their presence calms us emotionally, reduces blood pressure, cortisol levels, helps us breathe better.

I feel that plants know their purpose, and being the givers that they are, they eagerly want to help the living.  They offer up their souls in hopes of healing us because this is their true intention.  Plants have spirits. They are energy, goodness, purity, and not as simple as we might think!

It makes me wonder about human beings and our purpose.  Shouldn’t it be more than turning off our alarms in the morning, rushing through traffic to clock in, clock out, and do it all over again and again and again?  What’s is our purpose–to make money? Pay bills? And then we die?

I like the idea of plants having  the true intention and purpose of saving our world.  Their good nature, coming from a place of giving, makes me love and admire them with such miraculous wonder and intensity.  They are selfless super heroes with one cause, green as the heart chakra, loving and giving in unison.

Humans have many lessons to receive and learn from plants.  Every morning, plants wake with the sun and save our planet.  Shouldn’t we?

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